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Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS or OMFS) specializes in treating many diseases, injuries and defects in the head, neck, face, jaws and the hard and soft tissues of the oral (mouth) and maxillofacial (jaws and face) region

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Rhinoplasty is surgery that changes the shape of the nose

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Facial fracture repair

A facial fracture is a broken bone in the face.

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Facial reconstruction

Heratsi hospital complex provide treatment options for people with severe facial deformities

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Aesthesic facial surgery

Facial plastic surgery is performed to reshape structures in the head and neck — typically the nose, ears, chin, cheekbones and neckline.

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Otoplasty is a procedure to change the shape, position or size of the ears

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Lip surgical procedure

Lip enhancement procedure is an option, that cosmetic surgeons are using to achieve very natural-looking results.

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A face-lift (rhytidectomy) is a cosmetic surgical procedure to create a younger appearance in your face

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Blepharoplasty repairs droopy eyelids and may involve removing excess skin, muscle and fat

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Brow lift

A brow lift improves the appearance of the forehead, the brow and the area around the eyes by raising the soft tissue and skin of the forehead and brow

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Cosmetic surgery

The goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve a person’s appearance and, thus, self-esteem and self-confidence

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Septoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct a deviated septum — a displacement of the bone and cartilage that divides your two nostrils

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