About us

Heratsi N1 University Hospital is a clinical base of YSMU departments.

Since 2002, Heratsi N1 hospital complex (formerly the Clinical Hospital N1) has been included in YSMU, which has enabled the university faculty to involve in the treatment process, combining the educational and practical medicine processes.

As a YSMU base the hospital complex has enabled the medical staff of Heratsi N1 hospital to continuously train at university leading clinics in the US, Germany, Great Britain, France and a number of other countries.

Many experts from the Heratsi N1 hospital complex are members of the United States and European specialized associations.

The hospital complex is a multi-functional facility that provides quality care to any diagnosed patient.

Established in 2003.

Head of the Department : Anna Y. Poghosyan, PhD, Professor.

The Clinic is a YSMU base for surgical dentistry and maxillofacial surgery (head of the department - Gagik R. Kocharyan, PhD, Associate Professor) and ENT diseases (Head of Chair Shukuryan Arthur). It is equipped with modern equipment.



At the clinic the available services are:

  • Maxillofacial plastic surgery,
  • Surgery of complex bone-reconstructive operations,
  • Dental implantation,
  • Treatment of maxillofacial pneumonia,
  • Maxillofacial traumatic surgery,
  • Surgical treatment of paradonic diseases,
  • Surgery of maxillofacial tumors and tumors,
  • Hormone surgery,
  • Septicoplasty,
  • Rhinoplasty,
  • Tonsillelectomy,
  • Adenotomy and so on.

Heratsi N1 University Hospital